Christina Diaz

Assistant to the Director

Hello Everyone! I’m Christina, the Assistant to the Director for St. Gabriel Catholic Preschool. I have over 14 years of administrative experience, beginning at the High School, I attended in Naples, Florida. I have worked in the mortgage and debt consolidation industry In Orange Country, California. I moved to Las Vegas in 2010 to be closer to my siblings. Before, I started working at the preschool. I was working in the local wedding chapel industry.

At present, I volunteer at St. Gabriel Catholic (Elementary) School. In 2015-16, I helped develop their After School Program. This same year, I also assisted in the ͞Before and After Program for that Summer. At that time, as well as now... Always, assisting and interacting with our students and their parents in both schools; preschool as well as elementary. This is to insure our student’s educational success.

I continue course work for my college degree and when I am not studying for exams. I spend quality time with my elementary age twin siblings. Going to all the wonderful places and fun adventures Las Vegas has to offer.